The Woven Path | November Auction

Auction Begins Monday

This Monday The Changeling Artists Collective on Facebook will be hosting the auction for original artwork, prints, and drawings from the Woven Path Tarot Project. My watercolour painting will be part of the auction, as well as many other wonderful pieces from this Tarot project. XII. Death is my contribution to the deck; the original painting (without digital edits) varies a slightly to what will be seen in the finished product. So if you’re looking to get your hands on the original piece, please head over the link below to participate in the bids or BIN (buy it now) option. *Please note that the BIN option is only available for a limited time before the auction begins.

The Faery Ring

changeling artists collective

Nov. 22, 12:00 EST – Nov. 26, 12:00 EST

Auction here on Facebook | Info. & Bids

2 thoughts on “The Woven Path | November Auction

  1. I will admit that I’ve been biting my nails over the conception of this deck and I so, SO hope it gets off the ground. By and large, I do not like decks with multiple artists because they lack cohesion IMO, but The Woven Path seems to be different–each “card” seems to be a vision into the same mysterious and fantastical world. The idea of a tapestry really encompasses the vision. I consider myself a serious Tarot lover and I can be really picky (anal, some might say) about my decks, but when I saw your death card, I knew that I am going to buy this deck. This is the card that really sold me. I’m not even partial to lucky XIII, but of all the Death cards I’ve seen, this one is hands down the most interesting of all the Deaths. I think its the really somber juxtaposed with the innocence that just HAUNTS me (and okay I’m a sucker for Huginn/Muninn reference if that’s what you did there–if it isn’t, don’t tell me). So, excellent work! You either really did your homework or you innately understand visual archetypes!

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    1. Goodness, thank you so much for an insightful take on our project; it’s been so wonderful to see all the support we’ve been getting. The cohesion was definitely on our mind as well, and I think our AD Rachel has done a great job of bringing all the artists together for this deck. I’ve found tarot and its art so interesting and I definitely wanted to do justice for the card I was illustrating (also helped I got to do a card that I had my fingers crossed on, yay) and I researched into it as much as I could find. 🐦🐦😉 Covid has pushed back our project a bit, but hopefully we can get it out for this year. 🤞


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