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Shaima is a Canadian fantasy artist & illustrator based in Toronto, ON. Receiving her BFA Honors Degree in Visual Arts Studio from York University (2013), she works as a freelance artist for various clients around the world; with interests in illustrating & concepting for Publishing Houses as well as the Film & Video-Game industry.

As a traditional artist, she works with a wide range of mediums such as watercolours, graphite, & markers. Often using simple forms in contrast with detailed elements such as hair, garments, or environments, she likes to evoke a dark and gothic atmosphere in her art. When it comes to influences in her work, she is particularly interested in European history; drawing from the imagery and connection to nature surrounding paganism found within Germanic/Norse peoples of the Middle Ages and prior.

In her spare time she likes to create & design jewellery (found on her Etsy Shop), as well as learn about the history of other cultures; their mythologies, stories, and languages. Studying French and Japanese throughout school as well as university, she works to improve her skills through various content and self-study.

Shaima is available for freelance work. Please contact at shaima.fantasyart@gmail.com with details on your project.



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