Shaima is a Canadian fantasy artist & illustrator based in Toronto. Her art revolves around themes of the occult, nature, spirituality, and introspection. She works primarily in traditional mediums, favouring watercolours and graphite to create soft washes with contrasting dark forms. Her biggest influence is European history, specifically her love of the folklore & imagery found within Celtic and Germanic/Norse peoples of the Middle Ages and prior; knotwork, runestones, and carvings serving as inspiration.

Receiving her BFA Honours Degree in Visual Arts Studio from York University (2013), she works as a freelance artist for various clients around the world. As a hobby, she manages her shop Embers & Stones; designing her own jewellery and other trinkets. If she’s not glued to a book, she can be found tending to some sort of plant.

Shaima is available for freelance work. Please contact at shaima.fantasyart@gmail.com with details on your project.


The Woven Path Tarot, 2022, XIII. Death, La Mort | Changeling Artist Collective

CODEX Obscurus Artbook, 2022, The Ritual | Spiridon + Editions Caurette

Andrea y los ladrones del sortilegio, 2016 | Cover Art

Una Noche de luces guias, 2015 | Cover Art & Interior Illustration