Shaima is a Canadian fantasy artist & illustrator based in Toronto. Her art revolves around themes of the occult, flora & fauna, and ones spiritual connection to nature. She works primarily with traditional mediums, favouring watercolours and graphite to create soft washes with contrasting dark forms; techniques which draw parallels to the cycles of nature, its mysteries, and dangers. Her biggest influence is European history, specifically her love of the folklore & imagery found within Celtic and Germanic/Norse peoples of the Middle Ages and prior; knotwork, runestones, and carvings serving as inspiration.

Receiving her BFA Honors Degree in Visual Arts Studio from York University (2013), she works as a freelance artist for various clients around the world. As a hobby, she manages her shop Embers & Stones; designing her own jewellery and other trinkets. If she’s not glued to a book, she can be found attending to some sort of plant or trying to learn other languages through various content.

Shaima is available for freelance work. Please contact at shaima.fantasyart@gmail.com with details on your project.