Wednesday Doodles

March of the Goats_2017_ShaimaIslam
March of the Goats – sketchbook

After listening to/watching some Slipknot lives at Knotfest 2016, I started to doodle in the sketchbook…Of course some strange ideas were bound to come up 🙂 Had a lot of fun with this one.


Angel Wings

Some studies in the sketchbook from a little while back. I remember drawing a lot of angel wings in my teens, as anime-manga fanart demanded 🙂 …little did I know things start to look very different as your art progresses. I ended up looking at many bird wings and was still unsatisfied with these sketches, perhaps more practice in the future?



After recovering from a miserable week of pulling my neck and back, I was finally able to sit down and do some sketches. I prefer using my Strathmore Toned Paper for more ‘finished’ sketches (if I can use that term); rather than using a regular sketchbook, which I usually do prelim sketches, everyday doodles, etc.



Toned Sketches

I’ve recently started using my sketchbook more regularly, giving full credit to the paper quality of the Strathmore Toned Tan. I discovered that lots of artist have been using toned papers to produce fantastic sketches as well drawings/illustrations, so I knew I had to try it myself. The other instrument to this great experience was the Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils. Although they come with terrible erasers (at least in my opinion…) I find that kneaded erasers do the job; combined with any white coloured-pencil, you can create a lot of interest to your drawings. 

29.07.2015 ‘Original Brotherhood’ Person of Interest