A rather simplistic piece in terms of colour-palette; lately I’m finding it satisfying to focus on one aspect in the composition (ornaments, hair or clothing) as well as apply the same concept to the colours.




sketch (study).



Love of Hockey

As a Canadian, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise when I admit to being a huge hockey fan. Saturday Night Hockey has definitely become a ritual for me, as well as for my family and friends. Finishing all your work just before the weekend so you have absolutely nothing to do before the clock strikes 7pm, is amusing to some but guaranteed to be a very serious notion for others!  😀



I started creating Hockey art as a fun way to support my team the Toronto Maple Leafs, and in general all other NHLers I was a fan of. As seasons went by I found myself trying to get more creative in the way I represented certain players; whether it was through their personalities, nicknames, or their goalie masks.

The very first artwork I did was of goaltender, James Reimer. Affectionately nicknamed ‘Optimus Reim’ by Leafs fans, I was determined to create a piece that was bit more heavy on the details than I usually went for. To have Optimus Prime from Transformers was of course and option for this piece, but I thought it was rather too simple and obvious. I ended up choosing a rather curious and confused Bumblebee, and ended up loving the piece I did of my favourite goalie.


With the Leafs not making the playoffs for a couple years now, I would have to be satisfied watching other teams compete and get inspired from watching their goalies in action. There were 2 that stood out for me; Ducks goalie Frederik Andersen and the Sharks Martin Jones. I especially had fun creating the piece with Andersen, and wanted to include the aspect of Lego blocks from his mask; and I thought it only fitting as he is Danish. The concept for both Andersen’s and Jones’ drawings were to include some ‘additional’ help to their already superb abilities.

Hockey art is definitely a different turn from the usual fantasy art that I do, but it nevertheless improved my abilities with a micron pen. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do more after the Reimer piece, but people seem to enjoy them, and I’ve grown quite fond of making them.

Twin Swords


I’ve found smaller drawings like this piece to be quite enjoyable to do. If you’re curious, I usually use Faber Castell’s Classic & Polychromos along with anything I can find on hand. I like to think of the Polychromos as the oil paints of colour pencils. In my opinion, the blending abilities as well as the overall results you can achieve just doesn’t compare to a lot of other brands.



Silver and Berries

One of my greatest inspirations are the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the world and characters of Middle Earth he created. I have to admit I didn’t really know much about the books before watching Peter Jackson’s adaption of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I was hooked instantly.

With the release of the Hobbit films, there were no more words for my love of elves; pointy ears, beautiful architecture, trees and waterfalls, flowing robes and everything else. I’ve seen many portrayals of elves from Tolkien’s works, every artist has their own take, as did Peter Jackson. For the elven-king Thranduil, I found myself combing all the different inspirations from both text and visuals I ever saw.

King of the Mirkwood, colour-pencils & micron, 13×16″, 2015

This is still one of my favourite pieces, so it was only fitting that I decided to frame it in something equally regal and elegant as the subject. I do my own framing including matting and adding all other archival elements to the finished piece.


Some works in progress shots for this drawing.


Cassandra Clare’s, Mortal Instruments

I remember picking up City of Bones as a recommendation from a friend. I believe I was at City of Lost Souls within 2 weeks. I’m generally not an avid reader of teen books, but I did enjoy reading Cassie Clare’s work. It was fun with a lot of geeky references that any anime nerd will have no problem connecting to…oh and there are vampires.

So it was a no-brainer that I would be creating artwork from all the inspiration I got from the characters and the world of ‘Shadowhunters’. These are older pieces, and I had planned to do 2 others; perhaps of the vampire Raphael Santiago and the Silent Brothers, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will find some spare time in the near future to squeeze in more personal projects…if I’m not busy gushing over all the ‘fine’ cast of the TV adaptation from Freeform.


Fantasy Contest

As part of a fantasy contest held by a member of Deviantart, this was the finished product of a fun drawing segment.


Lord Mellianne’s Study, micron & marker, 11×14″, 2012

The contest itself offered a selection of scenarios; I had chosen to explore the world of ‘a dark elven alchemist at work’ and started the creative process from there.

It was an honour to receive a feature as a runner-up.

Contest ~finalists & mentions : Link