Back to Graphite – Sketchbook Oct.

Anne Season 3 moments

Getting back to working with graphite again. I think I had gotten a little annoyed in the past because of smudging issues. Working with blending stumps has really bought back my love for it again; and its just refreshing.



Team-Bradley References & Sketchbook

28.08.2019_AnnE Season 3

I’ve been really enjoying working in my new mixed-media sketchbook from Stillman & Birn. On the other hand, getting back into doing life-drawing studies/sketches is easier said than done, as I sometimes find myself bored of typical poses that you find online; in terms of reference photos. Aside from my general admiration of their work, artists Noah & Rachel Bradley have come out with a bunch of reference photo packs on their website (which I’ll link below) that have been quite helpful. If you’re looking for some quality references I highly recommend you check out their photography.

Noah & Rachel Bradley Reference Photography Sets


Also, colour & hair studies for a new painting I’m working on; plus a few demons and horns.


markers and graphite in Fabriano sketchbook

More Sketchbooks


In the past I found using a sketchbook to be a chore; maybe this was because in University we were required to fill it up by the end of the semester with anything and everything we could, and it didn’t help that I was in Contemporary Art. It was just something I wasn’t interested in at all. Luckily I’ve found my interest in sketchbooks again, and I use them for anything from prelim. work to just starting the work day off. Personally, I like to start the day off in my sketchbook because it helps me get focused on my projects and helps me improve my drawing skills…. It just so happens that lately I’ve been drawing a lot of swords and demons, as well as getting some ideas thrown in for future artwork(s).