Putting down the Sketch


Putting down a sketch/drawing before I start this watercolour painting.


6 thoughts on “Putting down the Sketch

    1. Lol! Yes I’ve heard so many variations of this over the years. 😀 I think it varies for some artists, but for me a ‘drawing’ is usually a finished piece done in colour-pencils/graphite/pen etc. whereas I consider doodling and sketching to be the same thing…with more ‘finished’ sketches/drawings for portfolio purposes or before starting a project.

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  1. what are the basics ? I mean to start with? If someone tries to draw the first time? is it just a sketch to focus on or there’s something to feel inside you to let you draw something? Do you have to learn how to draw ? How can you learn?


    1. It really depends on the individual. I already had an interest in Japanese art (manga/anime) when I was very young, so that’s where it started for me. Nowadays I usually recommend people keep a small sketchbook around just to doodle WHENEVER you can. 🙂 You’d be surprised how many ‘random’ ideas can develop into final pieces for an artist. If you’re into fantasy art like myself, well you have a ton of artistic freedom; you don’t necessarily start with a set plan or feeling or mood. Whatever your art style/genre develops to be, I think it’s really important to have knowledge of the basics of anatomy, and the study of everyday objects in the beginning. Drawing from life (objects, people around you) and comparing them to portraits/figure studies/still-life artwork by other artists (there’s so much references & resources out there on google images alone). By comparing your work to other established artists, you can really analyze where you are lacking in your own work. There are a lot of self-taught artists as well, so again it depends a lot on the individual. Youtube is also a great resource now to learn basic art techniques. If you can’t attend college/uni courses, there’s always local workshops and classes out there. I think the key in the beginning is not to over analyze and just start drawing.


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